GROW launches 5th annual Kids Cooking Challenge

LA CROSSE (WKBT)- A local nonprofit is helping La Crosse kids put their culinary creativity to the test.

GROW has now launched its fifth annual Kids Cooking challenge, in which kids prepare a dish using a bag of mystery ingredients grown right in La Crosse.

Those kids picked up their mystery ingredient bags on Thursday.

There are beginner and advanced groups for this challenge, so ingredients get a little trickier for the advanced groups. But the goal is to have fun while engaging with healthy produce.

“We just like to get hands-on experience, get the kids and families really involved with healthy ingredients,” said Grace Babb, a GROW nutrition and sustainability intern.

Participants have to use all the ingredients in the bag and up to five outside ingredients. They have until midnight Sunday to complete their dish by themselves.

Students at Western Technical College will help decide the winners between the beginner and advanced groups. GROW will announce the winners Nov. 11.