Gundersen comforting kids through teddy bear clinic

Area children got the chance to learn what it’s like to be a doctor Sunday afternoon.

Gundersen Health System, along with the Children’s Miracle Network, held a Teddy Bear Clinic at the Children’s Museum in downtown La Crosse.

Hundreds of kids and their families lined up with their favorite stuffed animals in hand to give them a make-believe medical checkup.

Kids were able to give their stuffed animals shots, perform blood tests and even repair broken legs.

It’s all part of Gundersen’s goal to make going to the doctor less scary for young kids.

“When they go to the clinic themselves, then they can think about ‘remember when your teddy bear had this or when your unicorn had a poke,’ and then kids will be able to take what they learned from this experience and be a little bit less scared when they come back to the clinic,” said Jenny Noel, a child life specialist at Gundersen.

All of the participating kids got free admission to the museum.