Gundersen goes into ‘limited access’ after weekend shooting

A shooting over the weekend led to increased security measures at a local hospital.

Gundersen Health System went into what they call “limited access” following the Saturday morning shooting on the city’s southside that left three people injured. That means they locked all of their entrances except for two.

The hospital was treating people who had been shot on Farnam Street early that morning and police asked for the limited access to help keep the situation organized.

They wanted all friends and family of the victims in the same area so they could be given updates by police and doctors.

The gunman was still on the loose, but the hospital says that’s not why they went into limited access. “We were not worried about that, again, great cooperation from the police department, I was in contact personally with the command staff and they assured me that the shooter was not in our building,” said Gundersen’s Security Manager Karl Goethel.


This is not the first time the hospital has gone into limited access. They do it at police request if there is a VIP visiting or if patients are being treated for a dangerous contaminate.