Gundersen helps national research effort tap 1 million volunteers to generate health breakthroughs

LA CROSSE (WKBT) – Gundersen Health System is inviting everyone to participate in a nationwide health study.

The ‘All of Us’ research program aims to learn more about why people get sick or stay healthy.

The program is headed by the National Institutes of Health or NHI.

If you want to take part, you may be asked to complete surveys or give blood or urine samples.

Researchers will not be able to see your name or other identifiers.

By looking for patterns in the information, researchers hope to pinpoint what affects people’s health.

Participants may also get some extra information about themselves.

“If you do agree to give the blood or the saliva, you’ll get some genetic information, you might get some information telling you how you handle certain medications, information on your ancestry,” said Dr. Todd Mahr, the principal investigator of the ‘All of Us’ research project.

The NHI hopes to enroll one million people into the program.

The program is expected to last ten years.

There’s more information on Gundersen Health System’s website.

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