Habitat for Humanity launches $1 million campaign

Money would buy new building for ReStore

Habitat for Humanity is launching a capital campaign to help one of their biggest programs.

The five-year campaign aims to raise $1 million. The money will be used to buy a new building for their Habitat ReStore.

The current ReStore is located in Downtown La Crosse, and the group is looking for more space. The new restore will be located on Highway 16, at 3181 Berlin Drive near the landfill.

The ReStore collects donated building materials and sells them at a discount and the money is used to help fund Habitat For Humanity housing projects in the city. “If we can make our biggest fundraiser even bigger then this is the perfect opportunity so the more sales that our Restore does, the more houses we can do and the more people we can serve in the community,” said Amanda Acklin from Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity is looking to raise an initial $200,000 by the end of May. For more information on how to donate you can visit www.habitatlacrosse.org.