Hamilton Elementary students eat their way through the alphabet with the ABC Feast

Offers included queso, edamame, lefse

A group of students learned about food Tuesday by eating their way through the alphabet.

La Crosse’s Hamilton Elementary School offered students foods representing each letter of the alphabet during its annual ‘ABC Feast.’ Edamame, queso, lefse, and yams were just a few of the options for students to try.

The program gets kids to learn more about food, including foods of different cultures, and the kids get more excited each year.

“Our 5th graders have been doing this now for 5years, and so for them it’s kind of neat to go through this, and they really look forward to doing something that they look forward to so much when they were younger,” said Hamilton Elementary School Principal Steve Michaels.

The alphabet feast was made possible through volunteering and donations by Hamilton staff and families.