Harter’s Quick Clean-Up breaks ground on new recycling facility

Harter’s Quick Clean-Up is moving forward on plans to build a new recycling facility.

The company broke ground on the new facility on Thursday. It will be a full-service recycling center for residential, commercial and industrial recycling.

Matt Harter, business development coordinator of Harter’s QuickClean-up, says single stream recycling often increases recycling participation rates and quantity of material actually recycled as much as 60-percent because the system is easier to use.

“What this means is added jobs to our local area, as currently material is being shipped up to three hours away to different areas to be processed,” Harter said.”This will allow for all material to be processed right here in the City of La Crosse and our own community as well as providing a longer list of materials accepted at the facility. Also, more convenient use for users.”

It’s also a green building in that there will be AmeriLux natural lighting to allow the facility to operate with 100% natural lighting and no electric light during daylight hours.