Health experts remind parents to schedule routine well-child visits

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – For parents with young children, well-child visits are routine.

But now many are questioning whether it’s safe to go to their upcoming appointments or reschedule.

“Very serious and careful consideration has been given to the circumstances and conditions under which children, along with their parents, can come to the pediatric clinic for a well-child examination. We here at Mayo Clinic take that responsibility very seriously and have in place every precaution to minimize any risk whatsoever. Not only to the child and parents, but also the health providers.” says Dr. Charles Peters, a pediatrician at Mayo Clinic Health System.

He says keeping up on these annual appointments is very important, even in the midst of the pandemic.

“We want to make sure that kids are staying healthy from a physical standpoint. In terms of their lifestyle, whether it’s healthy eating habits, physical activity, or staying up to date on appropriate immunizations.”

But there’s a new reason that these checkups are particularly important.

It’s a chance for parents to get information on navigating their family’s health during this time.

“We can share with parents a variety of strategies or pieces of advice as to how to deal with the reality of our new normal,” Dr. Peters explains.

This advice includes ways to help kids cope with stress, keeping them active, and building new routines.

And now, in-person visits aren’t the only way to talk with your healthcare provider about these things.

“We’ve been doing a number of telephone interviews and video visits with families,” Dr. Peters says, “and they are sharing with us the stress they’re feeling as a result of these new routines they are experiencing. We’re really hoping we can help parents navigate these very challenging times.”

You can learn more about Mayo’s video appointments by clicking here.

Remember, face masks are now required at all Mayo Clinic Health System locations.

This includes children ages two or older.