Health plan points out 3 focus areas locally

La Crosse County Health Department heard from community for focuses

A plan recently released hopes to move our community towards a healthier future.

The La Crosse County Health Department released their health plan yesterday for 2016 through 2021.

The five-year ‘La Crosse County Community Health Improvement Plan’ points out three areas of health that need improvement locally. The focus areas are mental health and substance abuse, as well as environmental.

The Health Department has gotten input from the community to determine what they should focus on, and also used the United Way’s community needs assessment report called COMPASS.

“It also takes that COMPASS and makes it much more engaged with the community even still, to include key informant interviews, so folks in the community who represent populations such as Hmong, LGBTQ, those kinds of populations, to make sure we get everyone’s voice represented,” said La Crosse County Health Department Health Director Jen Rombalski.

A need to address the negative stigma associated with mental health was also pointed out.