Healthy livestock expected at Interstate Fair

Cool weather means bigger stock

When you think of the fair, your mind probably goes right to the livestock, and there’s plenty to see this year.

An agriculture expert says livestock numbers are consistent with what they’ve seen in the past. But you may notice the livestock seem to weigh a little more than in recent years.

“We’ve had a fairly cool season so far, I mean, we haven’t had the extreme heat which a lot of times puts the stress on the animals which would reduce some of the weights they can put on over the year, but overall the animals are looking good,” said Steve Huntzicker from the UW-Extension office.

Huntzicker says there are more people showing off pigs,. but they’re typically only showing off one or two. That’s because every pig shown at the fair will be taken to market after, because of threats of a pig virus believed to be responsible for the death of millions of pigs.