Hear, Here project brings stories to downtown La Crosse

Call a number and listen to a story

You’ll soon be able to learn about the history of downtown La Crosse through the voices of community members.

It’s part of the “Hear, Here” project.

Next month there will be signs around the downtown with specific stories linked to them. You’ll be able to call a number and hear a story from a community member about a significant event that happened nearby.

They’ll range from historical information to personal stories.

Organizers say they plan to begin with about 30 stories.

“Everyone has had to go out and gather two stories of their own. And it’s been really interesting, I know a lot of people were somewhat timid in going and asking strangers in the community for their stories, but it’s really interesting to see how people are excited when you ask them to share their little stories,” said Ethan Clark, of Hear, Here.

The project will launch on April 12.