Heavy Rainfall Today, Chances for Thunderstorms Tonight -Isabella Hulsizer

Heavy Rainfall This Morning

Rainfall Reports

Heavy rain showers brought lots of rain to our south-central portions of the viewing area. These showers cleared midday, but are now kicking back up. Some areas saw anywhere from 1 to 8 inches of rain, with the risk of flooding. For those of you that live near the Kickapoo River, minor flooding is still a threat this evening. The river near Gays Mills and Steuben could swell with rain from the potential evening storms. If you’re traveling anywhere near these areas today- turn around, don’t drown. There could be flooding on nearby roads. It’s never safe to drive over a flooded road. The river is expected to drop below flood level around midnight in Gays Mills, and should drop tomorrow near Steuben.

Thunderstorm Chances Tonight

Tonight chances of thunderstorms are stronger in the southern portions of our viewing area, specifically Vernon and Crawford County. The main risk would be flash flooding due to the Kickapoo River already having swelling. Be mindful if you do travel tonight.

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