Highlight Zone Countdown: Hillsboro Tigers

Five starters return for young squad

The best word to describe Hillsboro: young. The Tigers only return five starters.

Head Coach Eric Auel said they are a little smaller, sleeker and have great team speed. Auel is in his 15th season leading Hillsboro, however, so there are not many changes as far as the basic scheme.

“I wouldn’t say that we’re approaching it any different than we have other years,” Auel said. “Kids have been in the same offensive system for several years.”

One of the seniors returning is in a battle for the job under center; senior Matt Stekel is battling junior Joe Helgerson. In a new offense geared towards passing, they can help one another succeed.

“He’s pushing me to the limit, he’s a really good challenge,” Stekel said. “We’re both good at the position and pushing ourselves to make the reads, make the plays.”

“It’s a little challenge because I’m going up against a senior,” said Helgerson. “He’s always pushing me really hard so we’ll see how it turns out.”

“Intentions this year are just trying to get to the playoffs and succeed farther in the playoffs,” Stekel said.