Highway 33 project falls behind schedule

Delay in part due to wet spring, late thaw

Work on Highway 33 in La Crosse County has fallen behind and crews won’t get everything done before winter.

The project included resurfacing more than eight miles of road, stretching from La Crosse County into Monroe County.

The Project Manager says part of the delay was due to the wet spring and late thaw.

“We ran into some pretty poor soils, it took a little longer to excavate and we had to put in more of a breaker run than we figured and contractor scheduling was a little bit of an issue this year too,” said Project Manager Brian Meyer.

The first two stages of the roadwork will be completed by November 14. The road will stay closed until then.

The last part, which starts just west of County Road F, isn’t likely to start until after school is out next summer and is expected to take at least a month to complete.