Historic Crowley Addition gains some new attention

La Crosse district features more than 100 different styles of homes

A neighborhood in La Crosse is getting some extra attention.

The Historic Crowley Addition has a new sign on Losey Boulevard.

The district on 23rd and 24th streets is bordered by La Crosse and Main Street, and Campbell Road and Losey Boulevard. The area is registered on the National Registry of Historic Districts.

It features more than 100 different styles of homes, all built during the depression.

“William Crowley who bought the land through the FSPA, the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in 1930 and developed into about 140 plots for development and by 1940 he had roughly, the whole area had been roughly developed which is pretty amazing for a ten year span during the depression,” said La Crosse Public Library Archivist Scott Brouwer.

If you would like more information on the district or any other historic districts in La Crosse check out FootstepsofLaCrosse.org.