History Hunt has people travelling through historic downtown

Scavenger hunt focuses on history of La Crosse downtown area

UW-La Crosse students are highlighted the history of downtown on Saturday.

The History Hunt is a fun, competitive scavenger hunt trivia game, leading people to historical parts throughout the area like Riverside Park, the Hixon House, the Library archives, and more. About 140 people participated this year.

The founder of the History Hunt says there will always be a need to remember the past.

“The public still should be able to appreciate history even though people find it less relevant, so our goal is really to show people that, you know, history in La Crosse has it’s marks and history has a mark in people’s culture and society and it should be appreciated,” said History Hunt Founder Julia Roden.

Competitors in this year’s hunt could win cash prizes starting at $200.