Hoesley twins lead Arcadia aerial assault

Hoesley to Hoesley.  We’ve heard it all football season long for the Arcadia Raiders.  It’s one reason they’ve been so successful.

“All of my friends, we all have great chemistry together but me and my brother, we’re always together, every day, every night so I guess it’s a little more unique,” said junior quarterback Rob Hoesley.

“Before the plays even happening, you can tell, you kind of know if it’s going to come to you or not. You just kind of get that feeling I guess and then he looks at you and it’s like, yeah it’s coming,” said junior wide receiver Jim Hoesley.

Rob throws the ball, Jim catches the ball.  Simple concept.  It’s something the twins have been working on their entire lives.

“When we were younger, when my dads coaching us in our backyard just having fun, just putting on a bigger stage now,” said Rob.

“Both of them have their individual talents I guess so to speak and Rob is very accurate with the ball.  Knew that since he was a kid, since probably he was five years old and he hit Jim in the head with a snowball at fifty feet,” said father Bruce Hoesely.

“Just playing all of the years in the backyard and growing up, he just knows how to look and I know how to get open,” said Jim.

And with sibling chemistry comes sibling honesty.  It’s something that’s helped the Hoesley brothers succeed on the field.

“I critique him a little bit but yeah we talk about the nice plays and the bad plays,” said Rob.

“Why didn’t you run this route or throw it over here next time, it’s just like all the time.  It’s twenty-four-seven with us,” said Jim.

And when it’s all said and done, Rob and Jim always know they have each other.

“It’s unlike a friend or anything else on the field.  You’ve had so many experiences together growing up and you just get to share that with your brother on the field,” said Jim.

“Having my brother know what he’s going to do and knowing that he’s going to make a play for me and having just the overall fun of the game with my brother,” said Rob.

Rob and Jim Hoesley are only juniors meaning they’ll be able to play football for one more season with the Arcadia Raiders.

Arcadia hosts Auburndale this Friday in Level 2 of the WIAA playoffs.