Holmen Area Fire Department considering new fire truck


In a four to two vote, the Holmen Area Fire Board approved the purchase of the new truck.

Representatives from Holmen and the town of Onalaska voted in favor of the purchase, while the town of Holland voted against it.

The total cost of the truck will be $861,000. Each of the municipalities are expected to pay a third of the total cost by July 10th.

The board’s president said it is important to buy the truck now because the price will increase to more than $1 million in the future.

Steve Johnson, president of the Holmen Fire Board, said the truck could be delivered by the end of July. After three days of training, it could be in service at the beginning of August.


A area community may see an upgrade to the community fire protection.

The Holmen Area Fire Department is considering purchasing a new fire engine.

Following fires earlier this year where the current equipment showed its age, the department began considering purchasing a new truck and ladder.

Fire department officials say the $861,000 truck covers needs of the community now and into the future.

“It is clear that we need this vehicle, we need it’s technology to protect our community today and ten, fifteen, twenty years years down the roads,” said Steve Johnston, President of the Holmen Area Fire Department.

The final vote is expected during a meeting Thursday at the Holmen Fire Station.

If approved, the truck could be in service by the end of July.