Holmen High School gives seniors real world advice at Reality Store event

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT)–Getting prepped for the real world can be scary.

And that’s why Holmen High School wants its seniors to be prepared for life after academics.

The school is giving them a chance to learn about responsibilities during its 16th annual Reality Store event.

Students are given a job, a marital status, and even kids as they learn how to budget money for the real world.

“When they come and their business is actually here, there’s a childcare business with their prices. Riverland Energy or a utility company with their prices,” said social studies teacher Rhonda Rayburn. “I think it’s very eye-opening that they see the costs that their parents get to pay every month.”

Among learning about expenses, students also learned what could happen if they broke the law and had to pay fines.