Holmen presenting referendum questions this spring

Questions total about $4-million

The Spring elections are about one month away and a local school district is preparing a few referendum questions.

The Holmen School District will be requesting about $4-million through the referendum to make safety, parking and stadium improvements. District leaders say the referendum questions will not affect local tax dollars whether they pass or fail.

“As a part of the long-term financial strategy that the school board has, and some fiscal performance results, they actually target to keep the tax rate flat. So, regardless of what happens with the referendum there will be no tax change,” said School District of Holmen Associate District Administrator Jay Clark.

The first referendum question requests funds for safety and security improvements to facilities.

Question two involves constructing additional parking and an athletic field at Holmen High School.

The District also wants to expand seating at the Empire Stadium, as well as installing synthetic turf.