Holmen students celebrate “Environmental Awareness Day”

Students learned the proper way to recycle

Students from Prairie View Elementary in Holmen celebrated “Environmental Awareness Day” Friday with the people who work to keep it clean.

The waste management company Harter’s Quick Clean-up met with students to talk about the importance of recycling and what it means for the environment.

As part of the lesson, each student recycled something in the school’s recycling bin.

Harter’s then picked up the students’ recycled materials and showed them exaclty what belongs in those big blue bins. “They are learning how to identify what is a recyclable item, looking for the triangle on the item to see if it is recyclable, then make sure it’s getting the recyclable bin,” said Prairie View Principal Patrice Tronstad.

The demonstration isn’t the only way students learn about the environment.

Students also take part in recycling and composting throughout the year.