Holmen woman opposes 9/11 settlement

A Holmen woman is one of those who got sick during her time as a volunteer after 9/11.

Judy Wolff was a nurses aide for the Holmen School District, but says she was forced to go on disability in 2002 because she wasn’t protected from toxic dust while volunteering at ground zero.

When Judy Wolff watched the World Trade Center buildings fall, she had to do something. “I knew I was going to go out and help the victims out there.”

When she arrived at ground zero she says the City of New York did nothing to prevent her and other volunteers from breathing in toxic dust.

“I had the dry cough.”


Since then Wolff has been diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease, among many other illnesses she says are from her time helping after 9/11. With being sick, comes many other hardships.

Wolff says, “I can’t clean my house because I can’t be around chemicals. I can’t go out in the garden because of the mold and mildew.”

Wolff is one of the 10,000 sickened workers that may be getting money from the settlement.

She says it’s just not enough give her piece of mind. “Question is, what does that do for our future health insurance? Are we going to have health insurance later on? What does that do for the clinics that are helping the World Trade Center victims? Are we going to have funding in five years,” Wolff asks.

She may get $4,000 if she’s lucky.

She will not be accepting the settlement because she says it doesn’t do enough, and says, “It’s not going to help everyone.”

She’s hoping to be reimbursed for her current and future medical bills some other way.