Homeless man saves drowning woman

A homeless man in Minneapolis is being called a hero after he jumped into a river to save a drowning woman.

Shane Drossard told WCCO that he heard a huge splash at around two in the morning, and when he ran to the riverbank, he heard the woman struggling against the current of the Mississippi River.

“I’m screaming, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming, help’s coming,'” Drossard told WCCO.

He lowered himself to try to reach her, but the woman was losing strength and let go of him. That’s when Drossard jumped in.

WCCO reports the woman was attempting suicide, so Drossard tried to reassure her even as he fought to save her from the murky water.

“She says finally, ‘I’m going to go, I didn’t want to be here anymore anyway,'” Drossard said.

He said he kept reassuring the woman that she is beautiful and has a full life ahead of her.

“I’m trying to hold onto her against the current, and she’s trying to give up,” he said.

Help arrived after a person walking across the bridge heard Drossard’s screams and called 911.

Both were pulled alive from the river.

Drossard said saving the woman was just something he had to do.

“I don’t know; I heard a voice and just wanted to, you know, to save, wanted to do something good for somebody,” he told WCCO.