Homeowner discovers honey dripping from ceiling

An Arizona woman got quite the surprise when she tried to change the battery in a hallway smoke detector at her new Scottsdale home a couple of nights ago.

The device was covered in honey.

“I’m like, uh, how does honey get in here?” Kelsie Hughes said. “Oh no, because if it traveled this far, where did it come from and how many bees are up there?”

Hughes decided to do some investigating, so she climbed into the attic, took some pictures and looked around.

What she found was a lot of honey. Long rows of it were found above the ceiling.

“There’s got to be 5 to 6 pounds of honey in the ceiling,” said Hughes. “That equates to about 60 to 70,000 bees. That’s terrifying to even comprehend that many bees in your house.”

Upon closer inspection, Hughes also found dozens of dead bees – an indication the hive is no longer active.

Hughes believes the previous homeowner may have hired an exterminator to kill the bees before the house was sold.

The concerned mom is relieved her family is not in any danger but disappointed the beehive was not removed properly.

“As a mother and somebody that has seen Africanized bee incidents in Arizona, I’m happy we don’t have to deal with the hive,” said Hughes.

Hughes estimates it will cost thousands of dollars to tear out drywall and clean up all the honey.

She thinks the hive may have been there for at least a year.