Honda Motorwerks participates in Team Honda Week of Service

Employees from Honda Motorwerks are joining more than 20,000 volunteers across North America participating in Team Honda Week of Service, where associates, dealers and suppliers conduct volunteer service activities in their communities.

Honda Motorwerks will be donating $20 worth of groceries to Wafer for every vehicle sold in the month of June and will also accept just donations to the cause.

“Through this coordinated week of volunteer projects across North America, we are joining Honda in reinforcing the Team Honda spirit of working together to make a difference in the communities where we live and work,” Ted Steebs New Car Sales Manager Honda Motorwerks. “Honda Motorwerks and its employees are happy to partner with Wafer to make a positive impact in the community we call home.”

The Week of Service is timed to coincide with Honda’s Founder’s Day, which marks the establishment of the first Honda business operation in North America on June 11, 1959.