Horse and Pony Pull is show of strength for Village of Ontario

The O.K. Corral hosted the 56 th annual Horse and Pony Pull on Saturday in the Village of Ontario.

Jamie D ewitt, the owner of the O .K. Corral, said around 200 to 300 people usually show up to the event, which is like a tractor pull for horses and ponies. However, Dewitt said that horses have better traction than tractors, and can pull more weight pound-for-pound via chains placed on them.

D ewitt said last year’s flood hit the village hard, with the corral having to replace almost everything except their canoes.

He said the event helps show people the village hasn’t given up and is going to continue going forward.

“[It] might take us a few years to get back on our feet. We’re going to lose some things, but we’re going to gain some things. I guess I’ve always felt sometimes you’ve got to take a step back to go forward, and this flood has been a big step back. But, we will go forward,” said D ewitt.

D ewitt said people came from as far as Iowa and Illinois to watch and take part in the pull.

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