Horse rescued from ravine in western Iowa

MOORHEAD, Iowa (AP) — A horse named Chara is back at the stable after being recused from a ravine in western Iowa.

The Omaha World Herald says the drama unfolded on Monday when the horse was found in the 15-foot-deep hole near Moorhead.

Owner Valerie Beauchamp says they returned home from vacation on Sunday couldn’t find Chara. They found her in the ravine the next day.

Help was enlisted — a neighbor with a harness, a plumber with a backhoe –but neither succeeded. Gary Stevens, who owns a concrete company, brought in a front-loader. He determined that digging Chara out wasn’t going to work. So, he dug up and pushed the dirt into the ravine and built a ramp.

Three hours later, Chara was led out of the hole. She wasn’t seriously hurt.