Postponed baseball season leaves host families waiting for new roommates

One walk along the Mississippi, and you’re reminded that summer is just around the corner, but one sign of summer in La Crosse is on Lockdown.

And when the home of the loggers is empty, the Logger’s homes for the season are empty as well.

The beds in the Rotering house are meant for Loggers to stay for the summer. They’re empty during the baseball season for the first time in six years.

“It’s going to be very weird not being in Copeland for the start of the season this weekend,” said Pat Rotering.

“We keep pictures of everyone who’s stayed here,” said Shannon Schneider.

The Schneider family also won’t be in Copeland, cheering on the players they were supposed to host.

“We were a little sad, disapointed,” said Mark Schneider.

The two families started hosting for their children.

“The kids are all active as well so it was a nice opportunity to see what could happen with hard work,” said Shannon.

“We thought it would be a good opportunity for Jared to have someone to follow,” explained Pat.

But it wasn’t long until the parents viewed the players as their children.

“It’s not long that we’re giving them a hug at the field, I don’t know if that hug is for them, or us, y’know?” explained Heather Rotering.

But with the season’s start date unknown, one thing’s for sure. When these gates open, so will these doors.

“If it could start tomorrow, we’d be there,” said Pat.