Houses painted hot pink in California

Three houses in California were recently painted hot pink as part of an art project.

The homes are set for demolition to make way for a 45-unit apartment complex, KTLA reported. The project’s architect hired an artist to create some buzz prior to construction.

Some residents are not pleased with the surprise paint job.

“We had, kind of, gotten the song and dance from the architect that they did care about the neighborhood and had tried to make a project that would be respectful of our character and scale,” Traci Considine told KTLA. “Then to … see this, with the houses defaced, was pretty jarring.”

Other residents have been enjoying the photo opportunity provided by the project, which M-Rad Architecture called “iMpermanence.”

According to Matthew Rosenberg, a principal of the firm, the hope was to send a message about lack of affordable housing in Los Angeles and nationwide. The artist, Matty Mo, said it’s “ephemeral conceptual art project as a jumping off point for a conversation about community, development, public art and social media.”

Mo said in an Instagram post that its “a real life manifestation of paintings I’ve been working on for years.”

“With this project, I’m encouraging the viewer to formulate their own meaning behind the work.”