Houston once again turns to Sires

Houston may be in the MSHSL 9-man division, however they are enjoying great numbers for their program this season.

37 are out for the team this year. 17 of them are seniors. A group that big brings big expectations for the Hurricanes.

Senior quarterback Christian Sires would love nothing more than to match the accomplishment of his brother. Andy, now a senior at UW-La Crosse, was the quarterback on the 2008 MSHSL championship team.

“He has taught me most of my mechanics since I was really young,” said Christian. “Just watching him, even watching his old game tapes I’ve learned a lot from his mechanics as a quarterback and smartness on the field.”


Houston head coach Ryan Gatzlaff believes Christian can put his own stamp on the program in 2013. “We’re excited with what Christian is doing. He’s really maturing. He’s following in the footsteps of his brothers who played quarterback before him.”

“And it’s fun to see him come into his own. He’s got a nice big body for a quarterback. He’s a smart kid. He listens well. And he’s a real great leader on the field, kind of a calming force which is what we need on Friday nights when things get exciting.”