How are the dogs from that wild high-speed RV chase in LA doing?

After a woman accused of leading California Highway Patrol officers on a wild high-speed chase in a stolen RV was arrested, most people had exactly one question: What happened to the dogs?

If you missed it, there were two terrified dogs in the damaged RV during the chase that was going as fast as 80 mph on the freeway. One dog leaped out of the moving vehicle onto the street and ran off. Another dog was seen trying to jump from the front windshield, which appeared to have been smashed.

The second animal remained loyal, as dogs do, and ended up staying with the woman through the chase. The dog even ran alongside her as she ran and stood by her side as police tackled her and took her into custody. The dog left bloody footprints at the scene, CNN affiliate KABC reported.

Luckily, both dogs are going to go on to tell the tale. The dogs are safely in the custody of animal services and are recovering from injuries.

The first dog who leaped from the car was taken to a veterinary care center for treatment. She is suffering from lacerations and soft tissue damage, but is expected to make a full recovery.

“She has a rocky road for the next few weeks but we expect her to do really well,” Dr. Hughes Sanders, a veterinarian who is treating her told CNN affiliate KCBS.

The driver, who police identified as Julie Ann Rainbird, 52, suffered minor injuries. Her bail was set at $100,000, California Highway Patrol said Wednesday.