How do you cook a turkey? Some responses from 1st Graders

We asked students of Irving Pertzsch Elementary School

Many people consider turkey to be the most important dish on the Thanksgiving table.

We asked local first graders how they would prepare a turkey and you may want to take some of their pointers.

Question: How do you cook a turkey?

“Take all the bones out.”

“I usually put it in the oven.”

“I  put it in the oven.”

“Take off the plastic.”

“I’d normally put in in the oven first by myself.”

Question: If I gave you a frozen turkey right now what would you do to it?

“Throw it away.”

“Throw it away.”

Question: How long does it take to cook a turkey?

“Maybe ten hours?”

“I normally cook it for 24 hours.”

“Maybe half an hour, or 20? 10 minutes?”

“You want to cook it for five hours.”

“If you’re tummy’s growling you can eat it.”

“Then when it’s ready take it out, do some more stuff on it I don’t know.”

“Well we put on some pepper or salt or butter. Or we can put on some pizza sauce. But not on mine.”

“Wow, my tummy’s already growling!”

“Let’s eat now.”