How to enjoy running in the fall

As fall nears, it can be a great time to run. For many, fall can be one of the best times of the year to run with comfortable temperatures and pretty autumn scenery.

Take advantage of the ideal conditions to increase your runs and get into better shape with these tips:

Extend your runs: Without blistery heat to contend with, try to push yourself to run a little farther. Pushing yourself will help increase your endurance and help you burn more calories and fat. Also consider running more days of the week.

Go faster: Try to increase your speed. Even if you only increase your speed for short stints during your run (for a few steps, seconds, or even blocks or minutes), it will help with your conditioning.

Run with friends: Enjoy the fall weather by running with friends. Having someone to run with can help motivate you to go farther and faster, and it will also make the run more enjoyable having someone to do it with you.

Enter a race: Enter a local race. This will help motivate you to put in the training, and the races can also be a lot of fun.