How to help TSA workers as government shutdown drags on

The longest government shutdown in US history is hitting the TSA hard.

Workers for the Transportation Security Administration are considered essential federal employees, so they have to work without pay during the shutdown. That’s created hardships that have forced TSA agents to work second jobs (like driving for Uber), sleep in their cars to save gas and, in some cases, hand in their resignations.

They’re in a tough spot. Here are ways you can help them.

1. Donate to a food bank

TSA employees are among some 800,000 federal workers who on Friday will miss their second paycheck because of the shutdown. Many are going to food banks to put meals on the table for their families. Hunger relief organization Feeding America is working with a network of food banks to support those affected. On its website, you can pledge money or enter your ZIP code to find nearby food banks where you can donate. If you’re passing through the Pacific Northwest, a