How to keep your pets comfortable and safe during Fourth of July celebrations

Unpredictable loud noises can scare your pets

All the upcoming July Fourth festivities can be frightening and even dangerous for animals.

Noisy fireworks and other celebrations can startle animals and cause them to run away.

The Coulee Region Humane Society offer some ways to ease the anxiety your animals experience. They recommend you keep them in a contained area with no windows, if you typically kennel your pet that might be the best option.

You can also play some soft music, and if you know your animal will experience distress, visit your local veterinarian and pick up anti-anxiety medication.

If your pet runs away, don’t panic, and leave articles of clothing that smell like you outside of your home.

If you cannot find your pet, call the Coulee Region Humane society and report a lost animal at (608)781-4014.

Marketing and Events Coordinator at the Coulee Region Humane society says, “Cats and dogs can hear a lot better than we can. So the fireworks are that much louder. They’re random and unpredictable, and something they’re not used to.”

Experts also suggest you exercise your pets before keeping them in a contained area, so it’s easier for them to fall asleep.

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