How to make your winter wedding cozy

Winter weddings can be unique, magical… and cold. But no one has to freeze! Here are some simple ideas to make your wedding party and guests feel comfortable and cozy throughout your big day.

1. Gift scarves or shawls to your bridesmaids to keep them warm and add extra flair to your wedding photos.

2. Purchase wool winter-themed socks for your groomsmen.

3. Find a faux fur coat for yourself – it can be both functional and fashionable.

4. Choose tones such as cranberry, forest green or burgundy to create warmth.

5. Set out baskets of fuzzy warm blankets for guests to use if they get cold.

6. Create a soft glow with small globe lights, white holiday lights or lots of candles.

7. Have a hot chocolate bar alongside your coffee bar to keep guests feeling warm and cozy.

8. Set up a bonfire with blankets and don’t forget the s’mores for dessert.

9. Give out homemade hand warmers, personalized gloves or hot cocoa mixes instead coffee mugs as favors.

10. Most importantly, bring the heat on the dance floor.