How to paint a fence

Is your fence in need of a new coat of paint? Before you start painting, follow these tips.

First, make sure you have easy access to the fence. Clear away any flowers, bushes or long grass that might get in the way.

Properly prepping your fence is one of the most important parts of the task. First you will need to wash the fence, and then you will need to scrape off the old, peeling paint. Once the paint is gone you will need to sand the fence to even the posts.

Next, you need to put a coat of primer on the fence. This will help the new paint stick to the fence.

After your fence is properly prepped you are ready to begin painting. It usually works best if you first paint with a brush to get inside of all of the grooves, and then use a roller or paint sprayer to apply paint to the rest of the fence.

When applying the paint, you might want to lay down a sheet to protect the grass or plants around the fence.