How to plan the perfect dessert bar

A more recent trend in wedding receptions is to provide a dessert bar. Use these tips to create the perfect dessert bar that you and your guests will enjoy.

Pick your favorites: Make the dessert table a combination of your favorite treats. You can put candy, cakes, cupcakes and even donuts on the dessert table. If ice cream is your favorite dessert, consider adding an ice cream bar complete with toppings.

Label the desserts: Make sure you clearly label what each type of dessert and candy is. You can also make note of who picked each item, if it was a favorite of the bride or the groom.

Make it match: Make sure the dessert table coordinates with the rest of the reception. Consider having the goodies decorated in the wedding colors, or choosing colors and flavors of candy that match the overall color theme.

Dessert to-go: Provide to-go containers so your guests can take some goodies home with them.