Hundreds gather at La Crosse Regional Airport to see President Trump arrive ahead of rally

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)– Hundreds of people waited outside the La Crosse Regional Airport in anticipation of President Trump’s arrival Tuesday evening.

For some, it was the chance to show their support for Trump’s re-election bid. But others wanted to make it known they support Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Joel Miller is a police officer and Biden supporter. He stood on the corner of Fanta Reed Rd. holding a handmade sign saying “Christian, Cop, Biden 2020” and “this badge backs Biden.” Miller said the sign represented his values of truth and kindness.

He said law and order isn’t the way to go, but rather justice and peace. While this might surprise some, Miller said we need to get away from divisiveness and putting people in one box.

“That doesn’t mean that you can only be one thing or the other. I think all of us identify in many different ways and we need to express that in a respectful way that shows our true values,” Miller said.

For others, they were there just to take in the experience of a presidential visit. Many families waited to catch a glimpse of the plane to land and for the presidential motorcade to drive by.

“I might not like the president but I always think it’s cool to see Air Force One,” said Annalise Hall, who waited for President Trump to land with her mom and stepdad.

Ryan Tschumper heard about the visit from his teacher. He waited for the president’s plane to land with his grandma.

“I wanted to come see it because it’s not an everyday thing to see. Like you don’t just get to see the president every day,” Tschumper said.

The president would have campaigned in La Crosse earlier this month, but that was canceled a few days before his arrival. The last presidential visit to the area was in 2015 when President Obama spoke at UW-La Crosse.