Hundreds of area men “Walk a Mile in her Shoes”

LA CROSSE, Wis.– Hundreds of area men strap on some fancy footwear Thursday night for a walk around Riverside Park.

The annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event filled Riverfest with men strutting their stuff in red high heels. It’s an effort to bring awareness to domestic abuse and violence against women.

The event also raises funds for the YWCA of the Coulee Region and the Carilee Fund of the Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation, which provides resources for women struggling to leave abusive relationships.

One repeat Walker raised $500 and learned a lesson from taking part. “We did this last year, and the first time around the park was tough, and the second time around was excruciating and we get it now,” said Tom Brock.

Women also joined the men in the march this year. Last year’s march raised $40,000 and this year’s goal is $60,000.