HVAC company recommends annual furnace inspection

Cool temperatures have some homeowners reaching for their thermostats. But at least one HVAC company says make sure your furnace has been inspected this year.

Schneider Heating and Air Conditioning recommends having it checked once a year to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. The HVAC technician will make sure all the motors and igniters are working to avoid a breakdown. “Like if you’re about to take your car out on a major road trip, you probably don’t want to just hop in it and take off, you probably want to get the oil changed and have your mechanic look over it.,” says Jeremy Erickson, an HVAC technician, “same thing with a furnace, it’s going to be going through a long winter, especially if it’s like last winter.”

Something homeowners can do for maintenance is changing the filter on the furnace. “It’s easy to forget about that, because it’s downstairs generally, out of sight, out of mind, said Erickson, “it’s very important though, because if the filter gets plugged, most of the furnaces these days have computers and they will block out if it’s overheating too much, and you’ll have a service call.”