Listen now: Rising prices, immigration and baseball history

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Does it seem like you’re coming up $1,000 short each month?

On average, we’re spending about $12,000 more this year compared to just two years ago.

In the latest episode of the PennyWise podcast, host Teri Barr talks with Elizabeth Renter, a personal finance data analyst with NerdWallet, about what rising prices have meant to our ability to save money. Renter offers tips to help you manage through these difficult financial times.

What’s our moral responsibility to migrants?

Republican governors have ramped up the transporting of migrants to Democratic-run jurisdictions. In this episode of The Ethical Life, hosts Rick Kyte and Scott Rada debate the causes of the crisis at the border and what can be done to help fix this long-term problem.

Cannabis is big business

Did you know a cannabis company made a public offering on the London Stock Exchange? In the latest episode of Here Weed Go!, host Eddie Celaya discusses the company, Kanabo, with two individuals who are part of the business.

Hurricane season becoming active

The 2022 hurricane season is several months old but has only recently become active. The Across the Sky podcast explores reasons for recent activity and will return with another hurricane episode that looks at Ian on Monday.

Week 4 of NFL action

The Buffalo Bills (2-1) take on the Baltimore Ravens (2-1) in a test for two AFC contenders. The PlayAction podcast looks at offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey and what he has meant to quarterback Josh Allen.

Historic World Series victory

In this bonus episode of the Best Podcast in Baseball, we bring you PlayBacks, an audio series that brings to life the archives of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

This episode looks at the Cardinals’ Game 7 victory over the New York Yankees for their first World Series title.