More than 100 people cited for underage drinking at downtown bar in single night

More Than 100 People Cited For Underage Drinking At Downtown Bar In Single Night

bogdanhoda // Shutterstock

MADISON, Wis. — Madison police cited more than 100 people for underage drinking at a single campus-area bar Thursday night.

Of the 143 people officers contacted at the bar, only six of them were 21 or older, according to an incident report. A spokesperson for the department said the Madison Police Department’s Central District Community Policing Team made the citations alongside the UW Police Department while conducting “proactive enforcement” of liquor laws.

Police said officers visited numerous bars in the downtown area and all establishments cooperated with officers.

During a stop at a bar in the 600 block of State Street, which is closest to the UW-Madison campus, police talked with 143 people at the bar and ultimately cited 137 of them for drinking underage and/or having a fake ID.

MPD officials said their investigation is ongoing and more citations are likely down the line. Police added that they don’t plan to name the specific bars where citations happened until or unless the department determines the establishment permitted the violations.