Oregon ‘Welcoming Delicious’ with mini drive-thru ahead of Culver’s opening

Oregon ‘welcoming Delicious’ With Mini Drive Thru Ahead Of Culver’s Opening

OREGON, Wis. – In the Village of Oregon, they like the small stuff, like getting a nationally recognized burger chain in their own town.

“I’ve loved Culver’s since, as the adage says, I was knee high to a grasshopper,” said Corey Reilly. “It’s just been where my family goes. If someone’s in town, we say, ‘Let’s go to Culver’s.’”

Riley is known around the area as ‘the Culver’s guy.’

“I’ve never had a bad experience at Culver’s,” said Riley. “When you go there, everyone is friendly, from the cashier to the person bringing the food.”

Riley has been behind a lot of the conversation online about bringing Wisconsin’s staple fast-food spot to Oregon.

“A few weeks ago, we let everyone know that we are putting a Culver’s in this location,” said Tanner Brereton with the Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce. “The community was very excited.”

The excitement expanded far beyond just ButterBurgers when Dana Terrian got involved.

“We thought, ‘Let’s paint up a box that looks like a Culver’s restaurant and see what happens,’” said Terrian. “This started maybe a little bit more than a month ago, and it’s just blown up.”

Terrian thought of making a miniature drive-thru that wraps all around the property of the future Culver’s location. Lots of people are joining in on the fun.

“People come out there and stick a car, a dinosaur, or anything,” said Terrian. “You should see what’s out here.”

Even the chain’s founder Craig Culver is joining in on the fun. He sent over this statement to our team at News 3 Now.

“What’s happening in Oregon is truly something special to watch. We try to connect with the people in every community we’re in, so to see the town show their excitement for Culver’s — and just have some fun together — means a lot to us. We’re truly thankful for the support they’re showing us, and we can’t wait to be part of the Oregon community.” 

The tiny cars have something huge to say about this village.

“This is not surprising to me,” said the Oregon Village President Randy Glysch. “This is how the people who live here, what they’re like.”

“At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun,” said Riley. “I think Oregon is just kind of a community that is just a fun community and just enjoys the small stuff. The slow-paced life.”

These are the happy moments of the slow-paced life for a community that can hardly wait for Culver’s to come to town.