UW Health: Less than half of Wisconsinites got a flu vaccine last year

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MADISON, Wis. — Less than half of Wisconsinites received a flu vaccine last year, UW Health said Monday.

Typically about 50-55% of the state will get the vaccine from year to year, and last year’s drop means it’s more important than ever to stay up to date on vaccinations.

“We are headed into our third COVID-19 winter but we can’t forget about other serious viral infections,” UW Health medical director Dr. Jim Conway said. “The best way to protect yourself from the flu and significantly reduce your risk of hospitalization and death is to get the influenza vaccine.”

Everyone six months old and older is eligible for the flu vaccine. Conway said that getting the shot protects more than just yourself. Preventing the spread of flu is also important to protect a healthcare system that is still strained by COVID-19.