Ice safety urged for those going ice fishing

La Crosse Area Dive Rescue Team recommends to take precautions

People itching to get out ice fishing should make sure they’re prepared.

The La Crosse Area Dive Rescue Team says there are areas that are likely safe for people to walk on at this time.

But they recommend people only go out on the ice if they have something to repeatedly check the ice thickness, ice picks to help pull themselves out if the ice breaks, a friend to go with, and a life jacket.

“If you would happen to fall through, you’re going to have a much better chance of survival if you can keep yourself on the surface. You can only last so long when you’re struggling in cold water and you probably will sink unless you freeze yourself to the surface,” said Kevin Kappauf, of the La Crosse Area Dive and Rescue Team.

When the ice gets thick enough for a car to be driven on it, the Minnesota DNR recommends parking vehicles at least 50 feet apart and moving them every two hours to prevent sinking.