‘Ice Scream Social’ brings international students at UWL together

Annual event includes performance from Screaming Eagles Marching Band

A group from six different continents was welcomed at UW-La Crosse Wednesday.

The group of international students was greeted on campus during the university’s annual “Ice Scream Social”.

The event included a performance by the Screaming Eagles Marching Band. The meet and greet was a chance for the students to get know everyone on campus.

“It’s just an amazing university and every talks about it,” said Morgan Jaclyn, an international student from Germany.

“To be honest definitely to test whether the college life is true in the movies or not. So that’s definitely one, certainty to see the food, I don’t know I’ve heard it’s a little bit mixed reviews here, but so far so good,” said Hou Tjen, an international student from Australia.

Last year UW-La Crosse was home to more than 350 international students from 37 countries.