Ice shove destroys Wisconsin lawmaker’s boathouse

A Wisconsin lawmaker got a firsthand look at the power of ice shoves on Lake Winnebago.

State Sen. Roger Roth watched an ice shove destroy his boathouse Wednesday. It’s one of the many buildings that were damaged along the lake’s east shore this week.

Roth tells WBAY-TV he was expecting a quiet day at home when massive ice shoves crashed into his boathouse.

The boathouse was pushed at least two feet onto land, uprooting the foundation. Firefighters say the ice shoves created an electrical short, sparking a fire that was quickly put out.

Stockbridge Fire Chief Michael Funk says the basement of Roth’s boathouse is full of ice “from one end to the other.”

Roth says he’s sad about the loss, but adds “You can’t stop Mother Nature.”