Impatient drivers in whiteout cause ND, MN wrecks

Wintry weather turned roads deadly in North Dakota and Minnesota, killing two people in a four-vehicle crash near Barnesville, Minn.

In North Dakota, I-94 was closed for about five hours Monday in a series of crashes leading to a 10-vehicle pileup. One wreck was caused by a motorist who drove around road closures to get onto the interstate.

Five people were treated at a Jamestown hospital for injuries.

In Minnesota, a fatal crash occurred about 11:30 a.m. A semi was westbound in the left land of I-94 as a Department of Transportation snowplow cleared the right lane. A motorist tried to drive between the vehicles, smashing into both.

National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Kaiser tells The Forum that while temperatures will be “raw” this week, he expects clear conditions.