In Search Of…A Group Changing Their Tune


The Apple Annies are known as the singing ambassadors of La Crescent’s yearly Applefest celebration. But these
vibrant women have also been known for something else. “I’ve got to tell you that Brucie Bumchuckles was calling us
the ample fannies.”

Not exactly something you want to shout from the rooftops. So last summer the Annies decided it was time to shape
up. With the help of the Diet Center, the YMCA and the La Crosse Radio Group, they accepted a weight loss
challenge. And six months later, the results are pretty astounding. “From July up until now, I think collectivley
we’ve lost almost 300 pounds. That’s at least an Annie-and-a-half, cause we were big gals to start with!” “I feel
really good. I’m very happy, my clothes are getting a whole lot smaller. I’ve gone from…We’ll I’ve gone down alot
of sizes!”

But the story doesn’t end here. The Annies took pledges for their pounds and are raising money for the YMCA’s
‘Strong Kids’ program. “It provides children and sometimes their families a chance to participate in the ‘Y’s’
programs that otherwise they wouldn’t.” “We have a soft spot for kids because several of us are teachers or former

And this win-win situation has also brought even more harmony to an already tight group.

We went In Search of…a group of women changing their tune. “So Brucie, you can kiss my ample fanny, cause it’s
alot smaller now!”

We found them.

The Annie’s are wrapping up their program with one final fundraiser. It will be at the Freight House on February
12th, from 5:00 – 7:30. There will be food, an auction and of course great music.

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